Слова песни Klabautamann — When I Long For Life

A sky painted in the scarlet bends over me
I remember, I still feel the greatness
The enchanting plain, cloaked in silence

Walk the dim lane that bears so many memories
As trees sway in hazy dusk
Past landscapes devoured by darkness

Oh, this wistful atmosphere grasps my heart
When I touch transient rapture
When I long for life

I shield myself for some blithe days
and peaceful reverie

But yet, sorrow is unrelenting and it recurs
My tears fall for you - mother earth
My tears fall for you

Our anguish is divine love
For the loss of eternal life
A life in mayhem

Calm my fear in soothing dreams
And long promenades
As I watch how the birds leave
To forget all the painful knowledge
Just for once

Краткое описание песни

As , I can analyze the lyrics of the song «When I Long For Life» by Klabautamann. The song portrays a vivid scene of a scarlet sky bending over the narrator. They reminisce about the greatness they still feel and the enchanting silence of a plain. The lyrics also describe walking down a dim lane filled with memories, as trees sway in the hazy dusk. The landscapes mentioned in the song are consumed by darkness. The wistful atmosphere in the lyrics captures the narrator’s heart, especially when they experience fleeting moments of joy and long for life. The narrator seeks solace in blithe days and peaceful reverie, but sorrow persists and their tears fall for mother earth. The anguish expressed in the song is a divine love for the loss of eternal life, a life in mayhem. The lyrics also mention finding comfort in soothing dreams and long promenades, while observing birds leaving to forget painful knowledge, if only for a moment.

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