Слова песни Klabautamann — Stygian

I don't belong here anymore
In fear I perceive
I vanish into a cold sword

The red streams flow everywhere
A grey curtain and rain everywhere
Bury me inside the fields, where grass grows tall

I will be gone with the morning fog
Come wrath, cover me sweetly

In your arms I could sleep
I cannot sleep
I will never sleep
I will never see you again

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Stygian» by Klabautamann, is a haunting and introspective piece. The lyrics convey a sense of detachment and unease, as the narrator expresses a feeling of not belonging. The imagery of a cold sword and red streams flowing everywhere adds to the atmosphere of darkness and despair. The mention of a grey curtain and rain further emphasizes the somber mood. The narrator longs to be buried in a place where the grass grows tall, perhaps seeking solace in nature. The lyrics also touch upon themes of mortality and the fleeting nature of life, as the narrator contemplates their own mortality and the inevitability of parting ways with someone dear. Overall, «Stygian» evokes a sense of melancholy and introspection through its poetic and evocative lyrics.

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