Слова песни Warren G Feat. Nate Dogg — I Need A Light

[Nate Dogg - chorus]
I need a light (light)
so I can smoke away this pain
I need a drink (drink)
so I can drink away this rain
maybe a wife (wife)
somebody to share my name
I need a song
a brand new song to sing

[Warren G]
Long Beach back in the day was all hustling
young niggaz in the neigborhood struggling
praying to god we ammount to something
by living on the street where they constantly busting
big Warren told us that they can't hold us
Niggaz ain't shit 'till they pass away
so I, watched my step
but when Ola Mae left I was a mothafucking basket case
for real
god bless me
cuz I be on the east where they wanna arrest me
I break bread so they wanna suspect me
but look me in my eyes and say they wanna protect me
ruthless, my style as a juvenile
ran with a gang, got me a profile
as a child in the Beach I was wild
ready to die and that's why..

[Nate Dogg - chorus]

[Warren G]
could it be it was all so simple
dropping a slick instrumental
Snoop busting 'bout the shit we went through
Nate singing 'bout the city we came from
and niggaz so tight wasn't nothing we wouldn't do
time keep slipping
but I ain't tripping nigga it's all about my children
so you can save that bullshit
cuz if I pull my shit, nigga I'ma kill you
the streets is watching
and niggaz fell victim from L.A. to Watts and Compton
but life goes on
it's just another song if you ain't to one gone
ruthless, my style as a juvenile
but now I got a brand new G-Child
big Warren gotta stay trunk tight
cuz he got the fly and that's why..

[Nate Dogg - chorus]

[Warren G]
caviar wishes, twisting stitches, all out race for the riches
got a nigga missing what rich is
and what a life mean if you do it for the kids
it's for my family y'all
really the only one who understand me y'all
cuz it ain't hard to ball
but then who got ya back when it's time to fall
and it's amazing
to stay up on top, your game so close to the pavement
time brings change in mind
but then don't let the change bring your mind no time
clearly, a conspiracy
Niggaz right near me but still ain't hearing me
that's how it's always gone fly
'till you ready to die and that's why..

[Nate Dogg - chorus]

Краткое описание песни

Песня «I Need A Light» исполняется Warren G и Nate Dogg. Она рассказывает историю жизни в гетто и борьбы за выживание. В песне есть темы о надежде на лучшее и необходимости поддержки друг от друга. Музыкальный стиль песни — это сочетание хип-хопа и R&B. Текст песни содержит много слов, связанных с улицами и жизнью в гетто, таких как «Long Beach», «Ola Mae», «east», «west», «Compton» и «Watts». Песня также имеет эмоциональный подтекст, связанный с тяжелыми жизненными испытаниями, такими как потеря близких людей и борьба за выживание.

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