Слова песни Vanilla Ice — Unbreakable (feat. La The Darkman)

[La the Darkman:]
Yeah yeah uh-huh
Yeah yeah uh-huh
Yeah yeah uh-huh
Yeah yeah uh-huh

Trust me ain't nothing nice
My dog's unbreakable like dice
My dog's unbreakable like dice
My dog's unbreakable like dice

[Verse 1: La the Darkman]
I've been in bloody pictures
Ill as Hitler back in Germany
Kid's think they're burning me
You really ain't concerning me
King be hold a Mack 8 plus 3
And I draw rhymes fast as Zorro draw that Z
Draw guns - fast as white boys on TV
You can't fuck with me! Trapper conti
Warfare my clan specialize in putting cats in
Pack a .38 Snubnose name brand clothes
What's money to my clan was death to my foes
That's how it goes, My Niggaz is gung-ho
God advocates sniping weak rappers with a crossbow
Stay on the low with a M-16 flow
In the Benz with a dime bitch, puffin hydro
I'm CEO you're TKO, John Doe
My raps is like cheap keys straight from Mexico
Yo, I flow like a UFO, All-Pro
Rich kid, get my dick sucked in a Tahoe
When I hear a beat it's like putting tims on my feet
Then run a track meet away from the beats, fuck police
I run the street with a Mack Milli for rappers who act silly
Cock it back, then smoke a Nigga like a Philly

[Chorus] - repeat

[Verse 2: Vanilla Ice]
I draw my rhymes like a bow
Shoot 'em out like an arrow
Swooping on suckers like an eagle, not a sparrow
walk a wide path, never ever walk it narrow
Step on stage with funky hip-hop apparel
Got the funky rhymes sometimes they leave you scared bro
It's like looking down a shotgun barrel
Runs through my veins like cocaine
V-Ice, In your brains like bloodstains
When I step to the mic, bro
You know the Ice'll do it right, what I'm saying is "Yo"
Suckers fronting what you wantin is for me to fade!
Thought I was outta here, I ain't going away!
Back with the track, I keep my bank fat
You know I got the flavor for the funky format
You're not giving up, the credit I seek
Darkman's in the house he's ready to creep
Now what you gonna do
When my boys are on you
You know a hard head makes for a soft shoe
Now crank it up for your passenger - LOUDER
Cause it's the thrilla killa, I bring this hardcore hour

[Chorus] - repeat
[Chorus] - repeat

Краткое описание песни

Песня «Unbreakable» от Vanilla Ice (при участии La The Darkman) является жестким и энергичным треком в жанре хип-хоп. Текст песни описывает силу и непоколебимость персонажей, которые готовы защитить свою честь и территорию. La The Darkman и Vanilla Ice используют агрессивные и метафоры в своем рэп-стиле, подчеркивая свою непримиримость и уверенность в себе. Песня также содержит резкие критики по отношению к другим рэперам и их стилю исполнения. В целом, «Unbreakable» — это энергичный и агрессивный трек, который призывает к непоколебимости и уверенности в себе, несмотря на препятствия и критику.

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