Слова песни Vrawsche — Longinus

i watch the clouds grow dark. black, oak, rain-lashed cross.
sky unloads, cracks, explodes, in thunderous token loss.
morsels for the slaves, to salve their monkey scrapes.
betrayed by my brothers, the reaper’s spiked jaw gapes.

where are you father? what is a soul?
where is dignity? destined for the hole.
as above, so below, water through the weirs
cutting into minerals, the music of the spheres.

ravens circle over me, purple, black, and wild.
craving holy tortured flesh, from the magic child.
thorns in my skull, lies have got you sold.
bastard child, in a manger, stealing magi gold!

the word of superego, celebrity is mine.
for all eternity, my halo’s gonna shine.
we’re viral in the bible, like a filthy cotton boll.
i’m drinking wine and talking shit, a life-size voodoo doll.

stick me with your nails, hot blood on my palms.
thrust your longche, into me, and dedicate your songs.
pushing out the product, when, all, hope is gone.
earning me a place, in the ancient pantheon.

let me die. now.

Текст добавил: Андрей Курышев