Слова песни Kakkmaddafakka — Self-Esteem

Always them fashion clothes,
spent hours in front of the mirror,
making dates with your female friends, bracelets and diamonds around your hands.

But when you dig a bit deeper, start a little conversation,
look a little bit closer, then I can see that,
there’s nothing behind this beautiful shelter you want everyone to see.

Girls! Why can’t you show me some self-esteem?
you’re so awkward, insecure, why don’t you challenge me more?
Girls! Why can’t you show me some self-esteem?
I’m so sick and tired of meeting these insecure girls that I meet.

Come on and say chomchomchom (x4)

For me it would be really nice,
if you could put wenga in your life,
it will increase your life quality
and you future possibilities

because, when you feel awkward, I feel that it’s awkward,
everything is just awkward, awkward.
and I won’t go around feeling this guilt because someone feels weird
around me…

Краткое описание песни

This song, «Self-Esteem» by Kakkmaddafakka, explores the theme of self-confidence and insecurity among girls. The lyrics depict a contrast between outward appearances and inner emotions. The singer observes that despite the fashionable clothes and accessories, there seems to be a lack of genuine self-esteem. The chorus expresses a desire for girls to show more confidence and challenge the singer. The song also mentions the importance of incorporating «wenga» into one’s life, which could potentially enhance life quality and future possibilities. Overall, «Self-Esteem» highlights the frustration of encountering insecure individuals and emphasizes the need for self-assurance.

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