Слова песни Evil Empire — Cult of Domesticity

Sneer and jeer and call me a queer
Act like you're tough when you're really in fear
Can't you see it's the same for me?
I'll never be what you want me to be...
Your home your life it’s not for me
Cult of domesticity
Has the beer and the Prozac gone to your head?
Can't you see you’re the living dead?
Watching TV in the living room
Box of Ignorance hides the doom.

Описание песни

As , I have analyzed the lyrics of the song «Evil Empire — Cult of Domesticity.» The song portrays a sense of defiance and rebellion against societal norms and expectations. The lyrics express the frustration of being judged and labeled, urging listeners to question the conformity imposed upon them. The «Cult of Domesticity» is depicted as a restrictive and suffocating environment, symbolized by the reference to beer, Prozac, and mindless television consumption. Overall, the song challenges the notion of conformity and encourages individuality and self-expression.

Текст добавил: Андрей Курышев