Слова песни Mindgames — Signs From The Sky

Rain go away, tears run dry. (x2)

There’s something going on in my life.
Only lightning’s trying to clear up the sky.
And if I will assume to get by,
the heaven’s gate will start to cry.
This pressure’s gonna make my day.

In times when I get back on my feet,
this game again starts to compete.

Rain go away, tears run dry. (x2)

Thought life was simple, in extraordinary ways.
I wish I had something to remind me of those days.
You could be anyone, you could be love itself.
The words just seemed so clear from the books upon my shelf.

Black rain is spoiling my thoughts now. (x2)

Every life has ups and downs,
you have to take it how it comes.
Living’s not easy, even when the day is done.
I wish I was someone else, someone glad instead of me.
This is the problem now,
I wouldn’t face what I used to see.

Black rain is spoiling my thoughts now. (x2)

Take a look at the sun, when the clouds pulled away.
No one has to believe, the things they all say.

You try to meander in the thought, you might have had a billion lives before.
And then you will be quite surprised, your fear’s unfounded.
Don’t be afraid.

You feel something’s coming up.
The solar plexus turns the right way,
it fills you with pleasure.
The darkness is a lack of light.
You need to face that, when you’re down and out.

The pain that leads from hunting to joy,
grabbed my heart and made me feel more.
It’s something what I’m living for.
It gets me straight inside the core.
This struggle’s gonna make me free.
If days are only made to retrieve,
then touch me deep and make me believe.

Rain go away, tears run dry. (x2)

The tear I got to shape up, flows in memories away.
The dreams that all will break up…
I have nothing more to say, except that this is life!

Краткое описание песни

Песня «Signs From The Sky» рассказывает о трудностях и преодолении жизненных проблем. Автор песни выражает свои чувства и мысли о том, как его жизнь заполнена давлением и неопределенностью. Он говорит о том, как он думал, что жизнь была простой, но теперь осознает, что каждый день содержит свои трудности и вызовы. В песне также поднимается тема страха и недоверия, и автор призывает слушателя не бояться и верить в себя. Песня заканчивается на optimisticном призыве не бояться и верить в себя, а также на признании того, что жизнь содержит как трудности, так и радости.

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