Слова песни Machine Gun Kelly — rapping on the couch.

I haven't wrote a song in a while
I guess I been down
Guess I didn't the have energy to pick a pen up
Shit I barely had the energy to crack smiles
Similar to back in the class
I was barely gonna pass
With a flask full of jack
And a book full a raps
And an ear full of laughs
Similar to back when I barely had some money for the gas, ask
Pops if I can borrow the car today
Someone asked me to be on a song today
And they said I can do a couple shows, with them
If I help them sell a couple of tickets at the mall today
But hey
I know you wanna see me keep a job
Keep school first blah blah blah
But all I got is just one shot
And Im taking it to the top
And if I dont gotta load up another box
In this Penske truck fuck that
Cuz next year the rent be up fuck that
And my bank is empty brah fuck that
The world tryin to set me up fuck that
So i bounce back like jumping jacks
Take a pullllll, and see how my lungs react
And I dont give a fuck if it kills the brain
Cuz reality it-self is killing me mane
So I need an ounce of weed and house for me
Everyday when I wake up
A hippie bitch with no make up
Who loves to fuck and roll J's up
Fat ass with lil A cups
You know just what I'm sayin cuz

And I'm like fuck 15 minutes
Im trying to live infinite
I dont got a big yahct
My leg-acy is all I got
So I call 3 bitches and my dealer on the same cell
Told them to pull up to the something place hotel
Felt like I had maids in the rooms
Girl cleanin dust off surface like brooms
Shit you know i gotta start my day off with a shot
Cheese eggs in the middle of the pot
Throw a little leather on the wrist
Bout four rings on the fists bitch
Why i need a watch?
And its always my time
Even before the young man got signed
Even back before the mixtapes got heard
I was in the streets, fuck being online
And if you wanna turn up we can turn up like a motha fucka
I pay 50 for a shot like fuck it
Small price when you keep one hundred
True thanks on the red carpet get blunted
Never changed for the public
Yall look disgustin
Look at me courtside next to kate upton
Look at me pouring 5 cups of white russian
Speaking of which bitch i just came through cussin
Speaking of which i been dreaming of this to redeem
All those years i was treated like shit to receive
The awards that my peers seems to get
Recieved a convertible top on this whip
Bitch i feel like Fif
Time to get rich or die tryin
Time to heat real cheese up on my iron
Its time to get 3 hoes or more frankie lymon
The weed man can call it good timin
Cuz i need an ounce of weed and a house for me
Everyday when i wake up, bitch
I need some hennesy and a house for me
Everyday when i wake up

Краткое описание песни

Песня «rapping on the couch» исполнителя Machine Gun Kelly рассказывает о жизни молодого артиста, стремящегося к успеху и славе. В тексте он говорит о своей тяге к музыке и о том, как она помогает ему пережить трудные времена. Он также рассказывает о своей жизни вне сцены, о своих мечтах и желаниях, о том, как он сталкивается с препятствиями и проблемами, но не уступает и продолжает идти своим путем.

Песня насыщена энергией и оптимизмом, а также отражает реальность жизни молодого артиста, который стремится добиться успеха в своей карьере. Текст песни может понравиться тем, кто интересуется жизнью музыкантов и их путем к славе.

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