Слова песни Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas — Swing It!!

Inside my drawer, there was an old photo album
with myself all tanned up
Pulling an all nighter, saying "going to bed is a
waste of time"
At no time, was time enough for me to do all
Here and there, doing this and that
I was always looking towards the days coming
(to the days coming along)
Are you not shooting out your lips with a shit
like face now?

Wow Oh!
It must be hot
The backs of those dreaming guys
Do you just want to step back?
Wow Oh!
Words are not needed
Faces tell the story
Just keep running for yourself and life

Here we go?It's game time
To fight with all our strengths
Swing your arms hard with all that you have

Wow Oh Yeah!
The summer party does not end
Age, gender, and all that do not matter
Wow Oh Yeah!
So let us all have a blast and let us spend days
like going crazy from now on

Summer is filled with innocence
Shaking your neck to the sound of waves
Dive into this season
Not doing anything soullessly, spending idle days
Bit by bit damping down
Reach your hands out

Check out those fire works up there
Let's rise up high just like those fire works

Let this heat break up all the upcoming sadness
Let us all get high!
Let's get high!
Don't you feel it all coming to you?
Let this heat break up all (the) unwillingness
Let us all get high!
Let's get high!
Don't you feel it all coming to you?

There you go now
Shout till you are feeling hot and fall forward
Run like mad
Gotta jump!
Go Insane!

Краткое описание песни

Песня «Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas — Swing It!!» — это энергичная и вдохновляющая композиция, которая поощряет слушателей жить в настоящий момент и наслаждаться каждым днем, не заботясь о будущем. Текст песни содержит множество метафор и образов, которые олицетворяют свободу и радость от жизни. Музыкальная композиция имеет танцевальный ритм, который подталкивает слушателей двигаться и веселиться. Песня напоминает о важности дружбы, любви и общения, а также о том, что нет нуля и ничто не может предотвратить нас от того, чтобы наслаждаться жизнью.

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