Слова песни e-dubble — Something Better (Freestyle Friday #34)

I throw a toast up for that green grass
I don't mean hash, but I mean cash
talkin' bout the otherside where they breeze past
in that german import with the easy pass
no tolls, fuck change throw it away
all gold, silver's just second place
and you living your life at a record pace
always tryna eat dinner off a bigger plate
always rock a big smile when you hit happy hour
mixed emotions from your friends when you buy the next round
they love free drinks but they hate the envy
lil' do they know that your soul is empty
-- won't feel right till you cop the bentley
cop the best condo, fuck the renting
anytime you on twitter holler bout what's trending
blocked the memory of your work at Friendlies

i put it down, you pick it up
that's what I hope for, need some more luck
i been ok so far but I'm stuck
like I copped a new couch but I got no truck
where's Jay Fels, I got a loveseat
on craigslist and you know it was cheap
one headlight, two friendos
know we'll find something better in the end though

I got my headphones on so shit I'm back on it-
thinking bout the future used to hate opponents
-- nowadays i love them, they are homies
give me a hug i love my new hombres
you talk about us, and even when its mean
I still appreciate the fact that we are what you're seeing
machiavelli malcolm by any means
spike lee guaranteed to do the right thing

a big fuck you to complacent
i'm adjacent to what makes sense
top down on our life we are makeshit
fuck a 401 K I will make it
not everyone can but know the new plan
be honest with yourself don't go and be mad
--- when you ask a question like that
and you get the truth like "fuck my bad"
green grass is where we all at
your side is fine and you know you're on that
keep it neat and cut the high grass
we only live till we're dead but fuck you knew that

Краткое описание песни

Песня «Something Better (Freestyle Friday #34)» рэпера e-dubble — это свободная и энергичная композиция, в которой автор говорит о своей жизни и стремлении к успеху. Он поет о деньгах, роскоши и своем стремлении к лучшему. В песне также говорится о том, как люди могут реагировать на успех, и о том, что в конечном итоге мы все ищем что-то лучше. Автор также подчеркивает важность быть честным с собой и не бояться поискать новые пути к успеху.

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