Слова песни Alison Krauss & Union Station — Tiny Broken Heart (2009)

He was just a little farm lad so busy at play
With his little play mate outside the gate
He stopped to watch a truck that was parking next door
At the home of his tiny play mate
Then he saw his daddy watching too
As the men swiftly walked to the cottage door
He knew they were strangers that came from the town
Men he had never seen before
They soon went to work when he heard his daddy say
Our neighboors are moving today
"Oh no" he cried dear God dont let it be
They can't take my sweetheart away
I know Dad you don't understand
How a heart so young could conseive a plan
I'm only 7 now but it's just like you say
Daddy some day I'll be a man
The man who owns the farm where your playmates do live
He told me it have to be this way
For winter time has come and the work is all done
Thats way they are moving today
Let us buy the farm so they could stay
And give them all the toys that dear Santa gave
And give them all my pennies in my little piggy bank
Pennies that my darling help me save.

Краткое описание песни

Песня «Tiny Broken Heart» исполненная Alison Krauss & Union Station рассказывает о маленьком мальчике, который влюблен в свою соседку. Однажды он узнает, что их соседи переезжают из-за того, что их ферма не работает зимой. Мальчик просит своего отца купить ферму, чтобы соседи могли остаться. Песня выражает чувства маленького мальчика, который боится потерять свою любовь, и его желание спасти ферму и семьи, которые на ней живут.

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