Слова песни Water Music — Operator

I've been working on my
modus operandi
the one that helps me breathe slow
the one that helps me see
operator help me please

All those terrible times
were just training for life
a life that I believed would come
a life that I could see
would hurt so much I'd bleed
now operator please
(gotta help me)
connect to me

Operator please
operate on me
operator please
(ya gotta help me)
connect to me

Краткое описание песни

As , I can analyze the provided song lyrics and provide a short description. The song «Water Music — Operator» is a reflective piece that explores the narrator’s search for guidance and assistance. The lyrics convey a sense of vulnerability and a plea for help from an operator. The narrator reflects on past hardships and sees them as preparation for the challenges of life. The repeated request for the operator’s assistance emphasizes the need for connection and support. Overall, the song delves into themes of reliance, personal growth, and the desire for understanding.

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