Слова песни VAGUESS — Company Ink

I can't think, about things, I don't like
I can't be, all the things, in your mind
and I, I won't care, when I die

I don't care about company ink
I'm not so business casual
I don't care what the neighbors think
because I've, got better, things on my mind

I've never, been good, at shit
I'd rather, get stoned, and quit
Then rot, my brain, at work

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Company Ink» by VAGUESS, is a reflection on the singer’s perspective on life and work. The lyrics express a sense of rebellion against societal expectations and conformity. The artist emphasizes their indifference towards conforming to societal norms, particularly in the workplace. They prioritize their own thoughts and interests over the opinions of others. The lyrics also touch upon the artist’s preference for alternative ways of living, such as getting stoned and quitting rather than engaging in traditional work. Overall, «Company Ink» conveys a rebellious and nonchalant attitude towards societal expectations.

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