Слова песни The Joke? — Admonished

You came and weren't alone
You brought sadness 'n' confusion
But this place doesn't belong to you
I admonish you in the name of Jesus Christ

I tried to
Persuade by the love
You didn't want to listen
Persuade by the fear
Maybe you can wake up from hell

Heads will plucked
Blood will be spreaded
Desperated cries
This is your tomorrow today

Goblins are the master of your life
Seem showing clean ideas
That are not
Expression of evil
Set on the long road to hell
I admonish you in the name of Jesus Christ

Because He died to save me
Takes my sorrow
And makes me real happy
One day you will admit this…
Not for while…

While Jesus wait for your admittance
Stones 'n' wood bless your soul
Stone blessing stone

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