Слова песни Skrillex ft. Diplo, CL & G-Dragon — Dirty Vibe

얘 이름은 용이지 (His name is Dragon)
화나면 불이 나 (He'll set up a fire when he gets pissed)
웬만하면(If you got no other name) call me G
I got the dirty vibe
You ain't certified
You got the funny vibe
내가 세상을 흔들면 넌 (If I try to rock this world)
멀미 나 (you'll get seasick)
그래 더럽게 (Yeah, we do it dirty)
We gon' celebrate
Every fuckin day
나를 따라해 (They try to copy me)
그래 더럽게 (Yeah, they do it dirty)
그래 더럽게 (Do it dirty)
더 더럽게 (even dirtier)
Dirty vibe

Seoul city
Hold up, you in the presence of a QUEEN
Ow! turnt up
All the pretty bitches love me
Mouth full of gold with them jheri curls
Stuntin’ in some Prince shit
Diamonds and Pearls
I’ll be on my worst behavior
Hold my purse
Runways and strip clubs
I’ll be making it work
Cuz, I’ll be 01 ’til I die
Middle finger up so high
Dirty vibe, dirty vibe
Jump on that (dirty vibe)

I don't pop molly I rock microphones
Point it atcha girl, watch her ass sing along

Talk shit with the prettiest lips
Blow a kiss
Kick a hole in your speaker, and then split

Do it just for fun
I come second to none
Swervin' in the lambo like a son of a gun

What you ain't you ain't know
I'm yo girl's lesbian crush
She ain't with you she be rollin' my *dirty vibe*

GGGG-G to the D motherfucker
Who am I?
내가 서울이다 (I'm the Seoul city) motherfucker
But divin' on C-momma
Its the beat on the come up
Get it, huh?
넌 그냥 이거나 먹어 (eat this, motherfucker)


더럽게 즐겨봐 다시 처음처럼 (enjoy it dirtily like the beginning)

G-Duh from the feet up
I'm as dirty as they could and there's only one

Краткое описание песни

This song is titled «Dirty Vibe» by Skrillex ft. Diplo, CL, and G-Dragon. It is a collaboration between these artists. The lyrics are in Korean and English. The song has a strong and energetic vibe, with G-Dragon and CL delivering powerful verses. The lyrics talk about embracing a dirty and rebellious attitude, celebrating individuality, and not conforming to societal norms. The song combines elements of electronic music and hip-hop, creating a unique and catchy sound. Overall, «Dirty Vibe» is a dynamic and edgy track that showcases the talents of the featured artists.

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