Слова песни Siouxsie And The Banshees — The Whole Price of Blood

Oh how could do it?
A murderous crime
A murderous wounding
How could you allow it?
After time that's been passing
Time should be wisening

A law that was written
In the blood of your victims
Born out of pure resentment
And what of your baby daughters
And what of these shameless slaughters
Lying buried in the sand?

Oh how could you do it?
A murderous past
That preys on the helpless
How could you allow it?
Such cruel and vile blades
To tear at such tender flesh

And loose the knot
From your tongue
Where evil is the resting place
And so it shall only be the single cry
Five senses shall be
The whole price of blood

Foot by foot, wound by wound
The whole price of blood
Hand for hand, strike for strike
The whole price of blood

Oh how could you do it?
Oh how could you allow it?

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This song, «The Whole Price of Blood» by Siouxsie And The Banshees, delves into the theme of a murderous past and the consequences it brings. The lyrics express disbelief and questioning of how such heinous acts could be committed and allowed to happen. The imagery of cruel and vile blades tearing at tender flesh highlights the brutality of the actions described. The song also touches upon the resentment and buried shame associated with these acts. Overall, «The Whole Price of Blood» explores the dark side of human nature and the lasting impact of violent deeds.

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