Слова песни Scrum — Drunk Again

It seem I can't remember how it came so far,my friend
Who took me here, what time is it ? O damm' I'm drunk again!
I like to have a pint or two every now and then
But hey! I like them extra large , O damm' I'm drunk again!

Me legs can't bear me weight no more, I think I need a hand
Me feet, they move in separate ways, o damm' i'm drunk again!
I stand here with an empty glass, fill her up good man
Just take your time, have one yourself
Who cares? I'm drunk Again!

Pour it in a can
Damm', I'm drunk again!

I'm trying to keep my head up straight, I'm doing the best I can
The world becomes a hazy place, o damm' I'm drunk again!
I've lost me keys, so help me please, I've got no back up plan
I need a place to spend the night, because I'm drunk again!

Pour it in a can
Damm', I'm drunk again!

Drunk, drunk, drunk again! - Look and you will see
Drunk, drunk, drunk again! - As wasted as can be
Drunk, drunk, drunk again! - Like many times before
Drunk, drunk, drunk again! - I think I've hit the floor

Pour it in a can
Damm', I'm drunk again!

Looking back I realise
I'm just a poor old man
And that's another reason why tonight ...
I'll be drunk Again

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