Слова песни Scream Silence — Born With Blood On My Hands

Dearest mother
must I still suffer
can't you ever look beyond
what ever say I've done

Save me mother
from the taunting mirror
and malice in your eyes
you cared not to disguise

I won't be mourned
I understand
but I was born
with blood on my hands
with blood on my hands
and it stayed there

And trough the storm
my journey's planned
for I've been scorned
across the land
there's blood on my hands
and it stayed there

Dearest father
no mercy for your martyr
I tell you I have tried
to stop avoiding life

All my brothers
stood by one another
you told them that I stained
your precious family name

I want be mourned....

I have sworn
on the witness stand
that I was born
with blood on my hands
with blood on my hands
and I stayed there

Краткое описание песни

This song, «Born With Blood On My Hands» by Scream Silence, expresses the inner turmoil and suffering of the protagonist. The lyrics depict a troubled relationship with their mother and father, who seem to judge and reject them. The protagonist feels trapped and misunderstood, carrying a sense of guilt and shame symbolized by the blood on their hands. Despite the hardships they face, they accept their fate and continue their journey, enduring scorn and judgment from others. The repetition of «blood on my hands» emphasizes the lasting impact of their past actions. Overall, the song delves into themes of familial conflict, self-acceptance, and the weight of one’s past.

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