Слова песни Rage Against The Machine — 09. Wind Below [Evil Empire (1996)]

Flip This Capital Eclipse
Tha Vocal Tone Ahs Got'em Sweatin' Hey Own
Yes, Tha Rebles Of Tha Grains Stand
Tha Masked Ones Cap One Nafta Commin; With Tha
New Disaster
And Yes Wi In Wit Tha Wind An Tha Plan De Ayala
Are Comin' Back Around Again
Tha Slave Driver Saliva, One Night Power Turns
Them Devils Mouths Dry, Mexico Burns
Here They Come One By One Killers Of The New
To Occupy, We Lost In Fear
We Are The Wind Below
We In Wit The Wind Below
Flip This Capital Eclipse
Them Bury Life Wit Imf Shifts, And
Poison Lips
Yo They Talk It, While Silicin' Our Veins So Mark
From Tha Fincas, Overseers, To Them
Vultures Payin' Markets
She Ain't Got Nothin' But Weapon
And Shawl
She Is Chol, Tzotzil, Tojolobal, Tzeltal,
The Tools Are Her Tools, Ejidos And Ovaries
She Once Suffocated, Now Through A Barrel She
She Is The Wind Below
We In Wit The Wind Below
She Is The Wind Below
All The Shareholders Gonna Flex, And Try Ta
Annex The Truth
While The New Trust Gonna Flex, And Cast Their
Imgae On You
G. E Is Gonna Flex And Try And Annex
The Truth
Nbc Is Gonna Flex And Cast Their Image
In You
Disney Brought The Fantasies And Piles
Of Eyes
And Abc's New Thrill Rides Of Trails
And Lies
And While The Gut Eaters Strain To Pull The Mud
From Their Mouths
They Force Our Ears To Go Deaf To The Screams In
The South

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As , I can analyze the provided song lyrics for you. The song is titled «Wind Below» by Rage Against The Machine from their album «Evil Empire» released in 1996. The lyrics depict themes of rebellion, social and political commentary. The song highlights the struggles faced by marginalized communities and criticizes the impact of capitalism and globalization. It emphasizes the power of collective action and resistance against oppressive systems. The lyrics also touch upon the exploitation of Mexico and its people. Overall, «Wind Below» delivers a powerful message of defiance and the fight for justice.

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