Слова песни Raekwon — Wu Crime (feat. GZA & Killah Priest) [iTunes]

[Verse 1: GZA]
Yo, there's a rumor that an inmate heard
Salesman hiring, a convict of murder
Bodyguard, he used to use physical fitness
His business, catching and terrifying the witness
In the gym is where he gained his powers
Boss was the pizzeria owner that rolled flour
A made man, it felt good to be made
Turned murderer, extremely quick to upgrade
But he still baked pies and his cake would rise
Like his enemy, he watched to take dives
Allies would retaliate, at least even the score
Had a thousand guns they would calibrate
He sort a loss, the double cross
Movin' on 'em swiftly, if worlds away set to shut off
Horror in the ville without the Amity
Scars upon the grill of your friend's family
Workers utilized then brutalized
Performance scrutinized then crucified
Wakes, fire bombs, function's shot up
The jakes was not alarmed, but damned is the product

[Verse 2: Raekwon]
Shooters mans, grizzlies stands up in the GT
Klansman with the sword that'll blow up a van
When the people's come, blow right past
Mind your business, I don't know nothin'
They found his ho in the trash
Barbecue wings, blings for my niggas that's true kings
Sit up in the crib, catch somethin' and screw fiends, yeah
Watchin' me, next time scotch me
I drink Cristal liquor, I'm a version of Hitler
On wax, no 'dacks just water
A du-rag on, I scratch waves sayin' niggas is trash
Yo, learn how to write, beware
I pull, he here
I should've known I had a clone, see weird niggas'll get irked
Murked, dropped off in a new turf
Trunk full of Siamese rats and gnats yo
I do it for the cats and pits and all the bitches with big tits
Five hundred shoe game switch
Shake that shake, I bake
I live in the state that kill niggas over grits and steak
You might get smacked with a Mac 11
Or run off the road or shot in McDonalds for frontin' with fake niggas

[Verse 3: Killah Priest]
Ay yo, Saladin vivid Wall Street sixteen
Muslims, kufis, uzis, the Wu is supreme
Ferociously I rank general a world's above self
Conspicuous crime make me grab the nine off the shelf
The dark hallways amazingly convenient
The phoenix with Jane, jugglin' cracks or playin' with ninas
Thug law of the streets, gangsters crave the beef to feast
Fiends with plates, a snake wanna eat
Gaze at the spectacular rapper, niggas is Dracula
Rap tours, Priest the hood ambassador
Passion for war, Wu-Massacre, threats, they never worry me
Plots to my death, mic jack conspiracy
Lyrically, I'm only afraid of my own ability
Words that shape into nuclear wars, we shooting through walls
Bringing down the mall, I ring around the store
Planets of the Apes, bandanas on our face
Hammers on our waist, cameras out in space
The nickel plate, fake armor, will harm ya'll snakes

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