Слова песни P’sycho-Remi — Burn it Down

Your kindness gives me the wounds always
And swallow the red fog

The truth to be left at this lie is only the illusion to be broken.

hey, it's just so long
I'm the perfect underdog.

Give me the low.
Give me the low.

What's up dippy
It's never too late to die.
You took my breath away.

Fix me baby.
Fib for absolution.
(Burn it down)

Everybody wants to be on your crazy writhe.

Help me baby.
This dirty illusion.
(Burn it down)

Everybody wants to be on your crazy writhe.

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «P’sycho-Remi — Burn it Down,» is a powerful and intense composition. The lyrics depict a sense of conflict and emotional turmoil. The protagonist expresses the pain caused by the kindness they receive, which leaves them wounded. The mention of swallowing the red fog suggests a metaphorical struggle with inner demons. The truth being left as a lie signifies the shattered illusion. The lyrics also touch upon themes of being an underdog and seeking redemption. The repeated phrases «Give me the low» and «What’s up dippy, it’s never too late to die» convey a sense of desperation and a desire for change. Overall, this song explores complex emotions and invites listeners to reflect on personal struggles and the need for transformation.

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