Слова песни Miggs — PERFECT

Everything I know is wrong
And every thought I have is gone
And every line I've crossed has led me here

If I could take it all away
Wash my sins and pain today
I wouldn't change a thing if you weren't here
Wouldn't change a thing if you aren't here

I want you to know
I'll bleed if you go
I thought you should know

You're perfect

Every word I write seems wrong
I know I've same them all before
But every cliche seems too insincere

If I could stop the time I would
Before I mess with something good
I hope that you're okay with me right here
Maybe you won't mind if I stay here

I want you to know
I'll bleed if you go
I thought you should know

When all goes to hell and crashes around me
I can hold on to this bliss
When I'm hurting myself as I have a mind to
I'm reminded of all this

You're perfect

Maybe you won't mind
If I step out into your light for just a while,
You make me feel like I'm all right
I love to watch you sleep or smile,
You understand the way I am
I'm scared, I'm tense and I pretend
That it's all right, yeah, it's all right,
I hope that you won't mind
Shining a little of your light on me,
Shine just a little light cause you're perfect,
You're perfect, you're perfect...

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Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Perfect» by Miggs, is a heartfelt expression of the narrator’s emotions and experiences. The lyrics convey a sense of self-reflection and vulnerability. The narrator acknowledges their past mistakes and the impact they have had on their life. Despite the challenges they have faced, the narrator finds solace in the presence of someone special. The song emphasizes the importance of this person and their understanding nature. Overall, «Perfect» explores themes of self-discovery, redemption, and the power of love and acceptance.

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