Слова песни Memoria — Paradise?

I'm torture
From my doom
Death is coming
I'm a martyr
I want the only thing
To be a black raven

To look for my land
My world
The world I see
Only in my dreams

My heart is getting weak

Hey, you sad oldman
Leave your despair
Gates of doom are opening
Leave your old body
Fly to find paradise


Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Memoria — Paradise?», is a dark and introspective piece. The lyrics express a sense of torment and impending doom, with the protagonist yearning to become a black raven and search for their own land, their paradise. The world they envision is only accessible in their dreams. The song carries a melancholic tone, urging the listener to leave behind despair and embrace the unknown. The link provided leads to more information about the album «Children of the Doom» by Memoria.

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