Слова песни Jesse Woods — Hounds of Heaven

Baby, can I drive your car home
I lost my keys, I gotta get out of Oklahoma
I can hear them barking as I sing
Cause the hounds of heaven are after me

Walked upstairs with a friend, and we got confused
I forgot where my home is, it's hot as Houston
I can hear them swimming in the buffalo bayou
Cause the hounds of heaven can't stop 'til they're inside you

Now the hounds of heaven have captured me
They stole my soul and they set me free
Now the towns they're headed, to where you stay
Just a matter of time, you can't run away
It's too late
It's too late

Краткое описание песни

The song «Hounds of Heaven» by Jesse Woods is a captivating piece that tells a story. It portrays a sense of urgency and escape. The protagonist finds themselves in a situation where they have lost their keys and need to leave Oklahoma. They can hear the hounds of heaven chasing after them as they sing. The lyrics also mention being confused and forgetting where home is, with the heat of Houston adding to the intensity. The hounds of heaven are relentless, symbolizing a force that cannot be stopped until it reaches its target. The song suggests that the hounds of heaven have captured the protagonist’s soul, setting them free but also leading them towards a destination where they cannot escape. It conveys a feeling of inevitability and the consequences of one’s actions.

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