Слова песни Gary Hughes — At The End Of The Day

Now that the madrigal has died
And the crowds have gone
It's you and I,
Bathed in the light as the embers flare
You shine, beyond compare
I will be everything you need,
For the timeless one
Brought you to me,
Safe in my arms as the torches fade
With the light at the end of day

I saw a miracle arrive,
For an angel walked
into my life,
You make the flames in a heart so cold
Ignite, you melt my soul
I found the keeper of the key
To the chains inside,
Don't set me free,
Slave to your touch as the darkness plays
With the light at the end of day

Time leads the river to the sea,
And without you would be
Faithless and broken
Climb on the magic we weave
And I promise I will see
The spell is never broken

Love, is the mirror of your eyes
Where the wildest heart is purified
Lost to the glow as the candles wane
With the light at the end of day

Locked in the cradle of a kiss
With the words of love upon our lips
Framed in caress by a golden veil
From the light at the end of day

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «At The End Of The Day» by Gary Hughes, is a heartfelt composition that captures the essence of love and devotion. The lyrics depict a sense of intimacy and connection between two individuals. The singer expresses their unwavering commitment to be everything their partner needs, emphasizing the timeless bond that brought them together. The imagery of light and flames symbolizes the passion and warmth shared between them. The song also highlights the transformative power of love, describing it as a mirror that purifies the heart and brings a sense of fulfillment. Overall, «At The End Of The Day» is a beautiful ode to love and the enduring strength it brings.

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