Слова песни Furor Gallico — The Song Of The Earth

Majestic oak eternal light,

golden leaves that touch the skies,

roots as deep as the memory

of the earth.

You have seen men and soldiers,

passing under your shade.

Ages and blood, fire and ice,

but still you stand

Forever, breathing, the song of the earth,

wisdom in your shade I breathe.

As I lay amidst your leaves

my soul drifts away

to a timeless realm and space

primordial sense of life.

I am part of the whole,

and the whole I will return,

in every living thing I breathe,

singing the song of the earth.

Forever, breathing, the song of the earth,

Wisdom, in your shade I breathe.

Краткое описание песни

The song «The Song of the Earth» by Furor Gallico is a majestic ode to nature and its eternal beauty. The lyrics describe a majestic oak tree, with golden leaves that reach towards the sky. The tree’s roots run deep, holding the memories of the earth. Throughout the ages, men and soldiers have passed under its shade, witnessing the passage of time and the cycles of life. Despite the trials of fire and ice, the oak tree stands tall and strong, breathing the wisdom of the earth. The singer finds solace and connection amidst the leaves of the tree, feeling their soul drift away to a timeless realm. They recognize their place as part of the whole, and in every living thing, they breathe and sing the song of the earth. The song captures the eternal bond between humanity and nature, reminding us of our interconnectedness and the wisdom that can be found in the natural world.

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