Слова песни Chuuwee — Boom Bap Funk

Step up, who wanna battle me, I'm not your average MC
You beefing with me, suggest you vegan niggas watch your calories
Money motivated, we be all about a salary
But fuck a bad economy and I ain't working hourly
Sour d smoke got me hungry, I'm devouring
Anybody who tryna get eaten like cauliflower
Beans, and I'm a hungry man nigga eat a salad
Aiming this .40 cali and hold taking your palace
Mad stylist, the Wu got me on some shaolin shit
Chk-chk BLOW! blood spilled in the chalices
Paper chase, push weight till palms gain catalysts
All day, everyday, the hood I be standing in
I ride by in an all grey Challenger
Petty possessions that motivated me 'round this shit
What up to Uncle J-Dawg, he locked down again
Next time a relly come out, we count thousands

BLOW! How you like my style?
How you like me know?
Niggas didn't know that I was coming with that boom bap funk
That boom bap funk for yo trunk
Mutha fucka what you want?
I tell 'em like..
BLOW! How you like me know?
How you love my sound?
Niggas didn't know that I was coming with that Boom Bap Funk
That boom bap funk for yo trunk
How yo like me know?!

[Verse 2]
I put a Vise Grip to all my vices, I just gotta have it
I gotta grab like a hand full of cash
To support that habit, I'm going rabbit for the cabbage
I out-lash, I'll kick yo ass just for the cash now
I hit the farms just to get myself a cash cow
They done got me assed out, black outs, a bad drought
I ain't made now cheese in six weeks
My connect been sleeping, I'm putting it to a beat on repeat
As real as the crib keeper that creeps through the streets
I'm just hoping I'll never meet my defeat
Same shit that I been saying all week
But this time I had to grab the Mossberg heat
With this rhyme if them niggas flip shine
It's almost like hitting his wrist or killing yaself
They got a hit out on my ego, I'm feeling myself
His team try to interfere, he couldn't kill it himself, bitch


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This song, titled «Boom Bap Funk» by Chuuwee, is a rap track with a classic boom bap style. The lyrics showcase the artist’s confidence and lyrical prowess. Chuuwee delivers clever wordplay and metaphors throughout the song, expressing his skills as an MC. The track also touches on themes of money, motivation, and street life. Overall, «Boom Bap Funk» combines nostalgic boom bap production with Chuuwee’s unique flow and storytelling ability.

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