Слова песни Captain Chaos — Santa Cruz

In santa cruz, I called you.
The show was over and the hipster party had begun
They were wearing christmas sweaters, in september,
smoking weed and having fun

I don’t think that they wanted us there
but we had no place to go
All the cool kids at the show said goodbye and they went home

We drank some of their mulled wine
when they were in the other room
I kinda wanted to be a little drunk before I called you

In Santa Cruz

I played a mountain goats song on a whim and I mixed up all the lines
But everyone sang along with me and I started to feel alight
The days were done the day had come when I said I’d call you
And I ask you once again what we were going to do

In santa cruz, I called you.

I sank down into the seat of the scientists little car
The sky was covered in dark black clouds I couldn’t see a single star
I dialed the numbers that you had written on my arm
A year ago in a better September when I fell for your charm

And I sank and I sank with every word you said
By the time I crawled out of that car, I felt like I was dead

I tried to get back in the house but the door was locked
I guess the party was over already, all the lights were off
I didn’t have a phone of my own, I was using color blind joe’s
So I couldn’t call him to let me in I had to knock on a window

Joe woke up and let me in and I crawled defeated into my sleeping bag.
I guess I talked for hours with you which was hard to believe since you said nothing new
in Santa Cruz when I called you…

Much Much later you told me that I didn’t hang up the phone
You listened to me trying to get into the house and then heard me talking to joe
he said how did it go, how did it go and I said You don’t want to know…

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