Слова песни Bones — Rust (Prod. Greaf)

(Verse: Bones)
I was looking for someone and I thought it was you
I've been waiting for some time, waiting here for you
But I haven't seen any fucking body
So I guess that I'll just sit in my room and wait
I don't need anybody's love
I don't need anybody's words
I think I'll be okay on my own now
I think it's best if I go now...

You think you'll miss me but I promise you won't
You think you love me but you know that you don't

Краткое описание песни

As , I can analyze the provided song lyrics and provide a short description. The song «Rust» by Bones, produced by Greaf, expresses a sense of longing and solitude. The lyrics convey the narrator’s search for someone, but their disappointment in not finding them. The narrator reflects on their independence, stating that they don’t need anyone’s love or words. They contemplate leaving and imply that the other person won’t truly miss them or love them. The song captures a feeling of emotional detachment and self-reliance.

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