Слова песни Assholes Syndicate — Working Class Boys

Hey you, wealthy scum bags!
All you can do is only to destruct
My mind, my honor, my way of life
Doing everything that can deny
Wasting money, given by your mummy
Making friends using visa cards
If there was a chance to be a something like you
I would feed the children, I would drunk my lads

Don’t forget about the working class boys
They have the power they have the voice
Don’t forget about the working class boys
Please remember before you have no choice

Yeah, I know your career is brilliant
Your father will turn the world inside
Because his children have to live in favour
Just because you’re the splendid son
But do remember there’s something deep inside of it
There’s someone who makes your dress and food
If there was a reason for the riot
We would burn your house we would burn it good

So hey you persons from the V.I.P zone
Living in a castles, buying tough stones
You’ve got some time to be a ruling class
But there’s no reason to forget about us
Time won’t wait everything is changing
Soon your orders would not have some weight
All the workers would be laughing at you
They’d be spitting at your fucking face

Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Working Class Boys» by Assholes Syndicate, expresses a strong message against wealthy individuals. The lyrics highlight the frustration and anger towards the privileged class who seem to destruct the lives of others. The song emphasizes the contrast between the working class and the wealthy, pointing out the disparity in opportunities and the struggles faced by the former. It calls for not forgetting about the working class boys and their power and voice. The lyrics also convey a sense of rebellion and a desire for justice, suggesting that if given the chance, the working class would stand up against the privileged class. Overall, the song criticizes the wealthy and their actions while empowering the working class.

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