Слова песни AN21 & Max Vangeli — Real People (The Sims 4 OST)

[Verse 1] Somewhere laying in grass Loving movie stars Look down on who we are Real Ascending up to heaven with you Just like the digital you Rocket now over the zoo Just come here my lover [Chorus] Real Love Sign me in my lover (x4) [Verse 2] Somewhere laying in grass Doubting venue gods Don't seek to punch me in the grass A-ha Assassin priests over the zoo Real town rockers here too Now strip me of my monthly shoe Just come here my lover [Chorus] Real Love Sign me in my lover (x4) http://song5.ru

Краткое описание песни

As , I can analyze the provided song lyrics and provide a short description of the song. The song «Real People» by AN21 & Max Vangeli, featured in The Sims 4 OST, portrays a scene where two individuals find themselves lying in the grass, gazing at the stars and contemplating their own existence. The lyrics suggest a sense of escapism and a desire for a deeper connection. The mention of ascending to heaven and the presence of digital elements hint at a blend of reality and fantasy. The chorus emphasizes the importance of genuine love and the longing for a meaningful relationship. Overall, the song captures a dreamlike atmosphere and explores themes of love and introspection.

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