Слова песни Acherontas — Vamachara

Awake me black serpent of chaos
Those has knowledge of the ancient waters of Her
Reveal to me the signs of Gnosis
Amrita-Nectar of the Goddess… VAMA!
Grant me immortality… SHAKTI!
I place the crown of the Serpent of Omniscience
Upon my head and spell in Blood your commands
May I rise from the four corners of purity and ecstasies
And your unmanifest waters of eternity and infinity
My word made flesh… THE DREAM THAT I SPEAK…
Arise O’ dead shades of the Twilight Realms
She who bless with life those who may face her…
The reflection of seven moons
In my void change my blood as elixir and turn it as venom
To bless the wise sons of Sophia!
The abyssic darkness… of Sadhana!
With my body I shall form my desire
And become the source of life!
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Краткое описание песни

This song, titled «Vamachara» by Acherontas, is a powerful and mystical composition. The lyrics evoke a sense of ancient knowledge and spiritual awakening. The singer calls upon the black serpent of chaos, symbolizing the primordial forces of the universe. They seek the signs of Gnosis, the deep understanding of divine wisdom. The mention of Amrita, the nectar of the Goddess, represents the quest for immortality and spiritual enlightenment. The lyrics also touch upon the themes of transformation and the union of opposites, as the singer embraces the Serpent of Omniscience and speaks their commands in blood. The song speaks of rising from purity and ecstasy, tapping into the unmanifest waters of eternity and infinity. It portrays a connection with the Twilight Realms and the blessings of the divine feminine. The lyrics hint at the transformative power of the abyssic darkness and the ability to shape desires and become a source of life. Overall, «Vamachara» is a profound and esoteric song that delves into the depths of spirituality and self-realization.

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